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Nestle Avenue Charter Elementary school, a safe and nurturing school that provides strong academic and social skills through active learning experiences, and challenges all students to become lifelong learners.

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Here's  what's happening at Nestle in the upcoming week. Monday: Phillips Counselors are here. Tuesday: early dismissal at 1:38, Theater teacher is here, Pre-K field trip to Underwood Farms, Kindergarten field trip for Ms Sedano and Ms Fernandez' students to Zimmer Children's Museum, Jewish Club in Rm ...


On Monday, we have Phillips counselors here and there is a PTA Board meeting at 5:30pm in the library. Tuesday is an early dismissal day at 1:38pm. The theater teacher is here. We have Jewish Club at 1:45pm in ...


I hope that you all are enjoying your Spring Break. Happy Easter and Happy Passover to everyone as well. We still have one more day of enjoyment, as tomorrow, school is closed. School will resume on Tuesday, April 3rd. Tuesday is an early dismissal day at ...


Here are the updates for Nestle in the upcoming week Monday is a regular dismissal day at 2:38pm. We have Phillips Counselors here, Student Store after school and the World’s Finest Chocolate Drive begins and there is PTA Board meeting at 5:30pm in the library. Please ...


Here are the upcoming events for next week. Monday: We will have Dr. Seuss activities all week long. Phillips Counselors are here and we have Student Store open right after school. Tuesday: is an early dismissal day at 1:38, ELAC meeting at ...